Boise cops have forgotten exactly who signs their paychecks

Boise cops have thrown “To Protect and to Serve” out of the window.

Take a look at these two photos that I got in downtown Boise yesterday morning at 4am.


Wha’ happened?


The other morning I couldn’t sleep so I went downtown in Boise to see what shots I could get.

There were three cop cars parked in front of City Hall, two older models and a new model.

Just having the great love affair that I do with cops, I had to get a photo of their cars, so I wondered over.

Something caught my eye.

The photo on the left is the police shield on the older model cop car.  If you look closely, you can see the motto “To Protect and to Serve”.

The photo on the right is a detail shot of the newer cop cars.

If you look closely, you can see the motto has been removed.

It’s not just the Boise cops though.  As I’ve traveled around the country, I’ve noticed that the phrase “To protect and to serve” is disappearing from more and more cop cars everywhere.

The line between the military and “law enforcement” is disappearing more and more daily and it’s scary.


The three Boise cop cars as I first saw them. The two white ones are the older cars and have the motto “To protect and to serve” on the door. The black one in the back is the newer model and the motto has been left off the car entirely.

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