Read the story about the border that was deemed “too hot” for some outlets to use

NOTE: This article was deemed “too hot” for some outlets to use.  Read the complete story HERE.


Cactus is just one of many dangers facing people that protect the U.S./Mexican border

In the Oliver Stone movie “JFK”, Kevin Costner’s character, Jim Garrison, was explaining the problem that his investigators were having in uncovering the truth about Kennedy’s assassination.

“We’re down the rabbit hole here gentlemen,” he said.  “Black is white, up is down and wrong is right.”  He didn’t know it, but the screenwriter who penned those words describes the situation along the U.S./Mexican border in Arizona.

There has been good circumstantial evidence that Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was more than likely murdered by paid FBI informants who were working with the Mexican drug cartels.  There is also tangential evidence that the gun used to kill him was a Fast and Furious weapon which the Obama Administration deliberately placed in their hands.

Information obtained from extensive research online reveal very little that has been provided to the press or to the public concerning evidence retrieved at the crime scene; except for the fact that two guns were recovered.

Government whistleblowers and other sources inside the government working for ATC, ICE and the FBI have reported on C-SPAN2 that a third gun was recovered at the scene but never sent to the forensics lab in Quantico for analysis.

That gun has mysteriously disappeared.

The agents who saw the gun are familiar with the “Fast and Furious” operation and are adamant that it was part of the scheme to send U.S. guns to Mexican drug cartels.

CBS News recently played a secretly taped conversation between an ATF agent and a gun dealer in Phoenix.  The conversation shows there was a third gun despite denials by administration officials.

Factual evidence has been established that the third gun present at the scene was removed and that the Mexican criminals which the ATF agents were investigating for gun and drug trafficking were in fact paid FBI informants.

In the audiotape, ATF Agent Hope MacAllister tells Andre Howard, owner of Lone Wolf Trading Company in Arizona that a third weapon recovered at the Terry murder scene is an SKS rifle.  Despite Agent MacAllister’s claims to know that the SKS “had nothing to do with” the Terry murder and was not traceable back to the Lone Wolf gun store, it is unclear why a weapon would be missing from the evidence disclosed at the crime scene under FBI control

Listen to the recorded conversation here:

Evidence points to the fact that both DEA agents and the FBI were both investigating operatives within the drug cartel simultaneously and without the knowledge that each group was covering the same ‘target’.

In March 2012, Terry’s family members told the Los Angeles Times that they were “sickened” by reports that the various federal law enforcement agencies on the U.S./Mexican border in Arizona did not share information about their investigations.  Terry would be alive today the family told the times “…had the ATF known that two top targets in their Fast and Furious case actually were FBI informants”.

“It is beyond our comprehension that U.S. federal law enforcement agencies were not talking with one another,” the family said in a statement released by their Phoenix attorney, Lincoln Combs. “American citizens deserve better from their public servants.”

Combs added that the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and other federal agencies “should have been coordinating their investigative and prosecutorial efforts. This coordination should have started and continued with basic information sharing” to sort out leads gathered by the various agencies.

In the Federal operation “Fast and Furious”, federal agents allowed more than 2,000 weapons to be smuggled across the border into the hands of violent drug cartels.

Five immigrants armed with AK-47s gunned down Terry in the Southern Arizona desert in 2010.  Two weapons connected to the F and F program were discovered at the scene.

Author Katie Pavlich in her new book, “Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up provides ample additional evidence that there was a third weapon recovered and then covered up by the FB and the Justice Department.

While Border Patrol agents, who have since been issued gag orders, were overheard at Terry’s funeral discussing the third gun; the investigation of Fast and Furious revealed that at least six FBI informants were involved in the operation, as well as an unknown number of DEA informants.

Pavlich claims in her book that a confidential source told her the FBI hid the third gun from evidence because it was linked to a confidential informant or the brother of the informant.

“The reason they’re covering up the third gun is because it could lead to the confidential informant,” Pavlich said. “They’re protecting him at the cost of justice to Brian Terry and his family. I am not an expert on what confidential informants are allowed to get away with, but I guarantee they’re not allowed to kill federal agents.”

Mexican drug cartels getting guns smuggeled to them by the U.S. government; FBI having paid informants within the cartel which attacks and kills a border guard; ATF hides a third gun which could blow the cover of Fast and Furious.

We’re through the looking glass.

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