Attitudes in Arizona are changing; will the rest of the country catch up?

Solutions to immigration and the economy have become talking points regularly addressed by Obama and Romney.  Politicians all the way down to the state level also weigh in on the subject.

With Arizona SB1070 in the news recently, people unacquainted with the reality are convinced that Arizona has become like “…Alabama was in the 1960s…” according to Jerry Lewis, (R-Mesa).

Arizonians are far more concerned about Mexican drug cartels than they are about undocumented aliens standing on a street corner looking for day labor.

One indicator of the change in attitude among Arizonians was the November 2011 recall of the Arizona State Senate President.

Former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce (R-Mesa) was recalled in a referendum in November, 2011.  Pearce, the author of the controversial SB1070 was defeated by Lewis.

Another indicator is the increase in of humanitarian aide groups who conduct volunteer search and rescue missions in the Arizona desert.  Carrying water and medical supplies these groups search for individuals stranded in the desert and subject to death by exposure.

Equipping themselves at their own expense, volunteers carry out regular and routine visits to the barren desert in Arizona.

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