Reason to fear illegal immigrants?

Illegal immigrants standing on every street corner looking for work.  Frustrated and unable to find work, they’re breaking into homes and robbing innocent people on the street.

If this sounds like your vision of America with the rise of illegal immigration, your vision is shared by many Americans.  Your vision though is wrong.  I wanted to see for myself what the situation was, so I came south to Arizona.  What I found might shock you

There is a disconnect between the imagination and reality.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve not seen (or heard) of any of these stories happening recently.  While few people were willing to talk, none of them were able to give concrete dates, times and places.  All of the stories happened to a friend’s brothers cousins…well, you get the picture.  To find an example of violent crime by an illegal immigrant, I had to go back almost three years. which tracks serious crimes committed by illegal aliens own figures show that only one “serious” crime has been committed in Arizona in the past three months and that was for  DUI and improper identification.

A report compiled by The Bureau of Justice Statistics from data provided by National Sheriff’s Association shows that the violent crime rates is lower for each of the five states with the largest population of undocumented aliens per capita.

California 503 per 100K; Arizona 447 per 100K; Illinois 525 per 100K; Texas 507 per 100K and Nevada 724 per 100k.

To put this in perspective, Louisiana which has the lowest population of illegal immigrants had the highest violent crime rate of 656 per 100k.

The more serious problem which seems to be overlooked by the ‘talking heads’ on TV are the Mexican drug cartels.

Shipping billions of dollars across the desert of Arizona each year, cartel members are willing to kill – and be killed – to sustain their industry; and they don’t care who gets in the way.

The problem and challenge of stopping illicit drugs at the nation’s borders is one that needs to be addressed now.  The reasons for the continuing flow are many and the politicians willing to step up to the plate to stem the tide are few.

In the meantime, blaming illegal immigrants for a “rising crime” wave isn’t supported by the numbers.


5 thoughts on “Reason to fear illegal immigrants?

  1. “Figures don’t lie.” as Archie Bunker used to say. Any inner city person knows this is true, but fearful people, glued to their tv’s, getting only the information that Fox News wants them to hear, always jump to the wrong conclusion. An excellent, investigative article.

  2. Western politicians and their immigration authorities should be honest by admitting that migration is vital and beneficial to their countries however it may be better to provide means of educating those migrating to these countries that what they often see on the television sets and the widescreens about their countries’ wealth and how easy it is to make it rich or survive there is merely an illusion.

    Let the UK, US etc show their slums and ghettos and the harsh reality of suviving there and it may dampen the gloss often presented on the widescreen. We as immigration practitioners also have a great responsibilty concerning this issue and must strive to educate our clients on the ground zero realities.

  3. Your argument is flawed for several reasons. First of all when the immigration law was put into effect, there was an exodus of illegals to other places. That would cause a drop in crime. Secondly, the people left clammed up because they didn’t want to talk to cops. That causes a drop in crime REPORTS but not crime. Fewer reports, fewer arrests. The stepped-up enforcement also causes a drop in crime among those illegals who haven’t fklrd to california.

    Here’s are some other issues that you conveniently overlook: Illegals feed gang membership. LAPD estimates that 80% of their gang members are illegals. You also have to bear in mind that every time an “illegal” gets behind the wheel of a car, that’s a crime. Every time they trasnport each other, that’s a crime, even if it is their own family members. EVery time they get together to plan a day’s begging, that’s the crime of conspiracy. Every time they earn 1¢ in the US without authority to work, that’s a crime. Every time they fail to pay taxes on that 1¢, that’s a crime. Every time they collect public aid, something of which about 70% avail themselves, that’s a crime. What part of “illegaL” do you not understand? Why do you think that 27% of the Federal prision population is illegals? Because they get popped for making turtle soup from endangered species?

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