Suicide is Painless: How I Got to see M*A*S*H

My life twists sometimes and I don’t know where it’s going.

Taking a few day break from the tension and stories along the U.S./Mexcian border, I had the chance to hand out some with Brad Koepenick. Click here to see Brad on the Early Show a few years back.

Brad is an actor who walked away from the glamour and tinsel to pursue teaching.  He’s done a helluva job and was the California Teacher of the Year not too long ago.

While Brad and I chatted about my doing some work on his documentary, Shakespeare High, I happened to mention that I was a big fan of M*A*S*H and hoped to be able to see the set where the popular series was filmed.

Brad jumped up from the table where we were sitting, went into the house and came back out a few minutes later and handed me a gift.  A copy of the M*A*S*H episode script called “Heroes”.  I couldn’t speak much other than to stammer a sincere thank you.

We drove down Mulholland Drive, parked the car and then did a 3.7 mile hike back into Malibu Creek State Park in Malibu Canyon where the outdoor set still can be found minus the tents.

Like I said, I’ll be doing some work with and for Brad over the next year, so keep an eye out on photos as I shoot them.

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