Sometimes you gotta keep digging for stories

I had been pounding the pavement all day long.  Stopping strangers on the street and asking them if they had any thoughts on the subject of undocumented aliens.  I didn’t get anyone to talk to me that had a story to tell. So I went looking for food and something cold to drink.

Finding an Eegee’s I went inside and ordered.  The only empty table was next to an older couple whose appearance and clothing seemed to indicate “tourist”.  I was half-right.

I introduced myself to them and told them what I was doing in Tucson.  They introduced themselves as Frank and Irene and told me they had just moved here a couple of months ago from North Dakota.  Frank had been in management for a medium size firm just outside of Fargo.  When he retired recently he took his wife of 35 years and moved to Tucson.

They had been visiting friends here for 25 years and had been in Tucson quite often; they seemed to know the place and the people pretty well.

I asked them my standard question of, “What impact have illegal immigrants had on your life or in the life of someone you  know.”  They stared at me like I had just landed on the planet.

Frank said, “If they keep out illegal immigrants then who is going to cut my yard?  How will I be able to find someone affordable to do the landscaping around our new home?  Where can I get anyone to maintain my pool?”

Sometimes you just gotta keep looking for stories.

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