Four easy ways to improve your photography

“How can I take better photographs?”  That’s a question I get asked a lot.  There’s four things I always tell people when they ask me this.  They are simple tips, but if you practice each of them faithfully your shots will improve.

1. Cover up your LCD screen with an index card and some tape so you can avoid seeing your settings or the images you capture. The challenge here is that it forces you to use your light meter to determine your settings. Limit yourself to 36 shots, just like we used to do with film, when we were limited to the amount of frames per roll.

2. Don’t be afraid to learn from other photographers. There is nothing better than being able to pick a professional photographer’s brain.  If you find one who is willing to share their knowledge, you stand to learn a lot!

3. See the world around you and capture it with whatever camera you have, or just capture it with your mind. When you start to see images around you and try to figure out their settings, you are learning. I walk around and try to guess what the settings would be for the room I am in, along with what lenses I would use.

4. This one always seems to get some feathers ruffled;  LOSE THE PHOTOSHOP!  An old friend of mine that helped me make the switch from film to digital taught me, “process in the camera, not on the computer.” This made instant sense to me. He preached that getting it right in the camera not only saves you time at post-processing, but it saves your image quality.

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