Travel with me (virtually) anywhere

Where would you go if given the chance?

Imagine you’ve been given a two week paid vacation from work.  You’ve got a few dollars saved up and you want to head out and see something.

Where would you go?  What would you want to see?

Starting today and running through October 1, I’ll be taking ideas on where the next road trip should take me – and I want to take you along!

Virtually, that is.

In the comment section below this blog, in 200 words or less, tell me where YOU would go visit if YOU had two weeks free.

I’ll let pick the top three choices and in case of a tie, let my friends on FB vote to determine the winner.

So pack your virtual bags and start dreaming about that destination that we will travel to together over the next several months!

One thought on “Travel with me (virtually) anywhere

  1. I would like to go to mosambique, tanzania or kenya. why? because they keep telling me that it’s not popular to surf there – and that’s exactly why I desperately wanna go! I would bring some surfboards and surf those waves – which I know they exist in this area – with the local kids, hopefully bringing them some funny hours and joy. and then they would teach me some popular songs and dances round the campfire at the beach – oh yeah!

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