Goombay Festival in Asheville

The 31st annual Goombay festival is being held in downtown Asheville on “the block”.

On August 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2012, the YMI Cultural Center, in conjunction with Powerhaus Productions, will host the 31st annual Goombay! Festival on the historic Eagle and Market intersection in Asheville, NC

Goombay is a celebration of the African and Caribbean culture.  For the third year straight, downtown Asheville has been filled with West African drums, harmonic horn, funk, groove and melodic voices of song.

YMI is one of the oldest African-American cultural organizations in the country.  As an integral fundraising component for the YMI Cultural Center, Goombay was created to serve the community center‘s mission; “In celebration of and with respect for people of all ethnicities, the YMI Cultural Center promotes interculturalism and the preservation of cultural identity. An historic gathering place, the YMI strives to provide programs and events for all.”

*Some of this information was quoted from the festival website,


See more photos by Jerry Nelson here.



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