Enjoy the NCC Powwow, right in your backyard

A two day celebration of Native Culture will be held in Clarksville, TN October 9 and 10.  Beginning at 9am on Saturday and continuing at 10am on Sunday, the two day event honors and celebrates Native American Culture and traditions.

With approximately 2,000 visitors expected to attend, this is the 14th annual celebration where families come out and enjoy the refreshing of their spirit in the tranquility of the powwow grounds.

The MC of this year’s event is Faron Weeks while “Two Bulls” tully will be serving as the director.  The Powwow Princess is Eaglehorse Twodog and the White Horse Singers from Alabama will be the Host Drum

The site of the powwow holds a special place in the heart of Native peoples.  When the Cherokee were taken from their homes in 1838, the site that is the powwow laid along the northern route.  Port Royal is reported in contemporary records as being “the last stop before leaving Tennessee and as an encampment…where the Cherokee stayed overnight or longer to re-supply, grind corn and rest.”

With the historial background of the area, Native Americans consider the grounds to be sacred.  To remember the suffering of their ancestors, the 4th Annual Trail of Tears Memorial Walk will be held on October 9th.  To participate in the walk, gather by the kiosk in Port Royal State Park at 10:15am.

With this history in mind Native Americans consider the powwow grounds sacred. To commemorate the suffering of their ancestors during their forced relocation, on Saturday October 9th the Native Cultural Circle will be holding their 4rd Annual NCC Trail of Tears Memorial Walk. Walkers meet by the kiosk in the Trail of Tears area of Port Royal State Park at 10:15am. The walk begins at 10:30am.

Jerry Nelson is a nationally recognized photojournalist covering social justice issues throughout the country.  He will be in Clarksville, TN October 4 through the 18 covering the Powwow for several national media outlets.  

While currently an empty gallery, photos from the Powwow will be available for viewing on this site.

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