Evidence mounts that embassy attack in Libya was sanctioned by CIA

After having been given 48 hours notice about the impending attack on the embassy in Benghazi, it has now been reported that oil contracts have “gone missing” from the consulate offices.


Sensitive documents dealing with oil exploration in Libya have been discovered to be “missing” in the consulate safe house in Benghazi.  The embassy staff had retreated to the safe house just moments before the sustained mortar attack started.


Included in the missing papers are lists of names of Libyans who had been working with the Americans putting them at risk from extremist groups.


Further evidence coming out of Libya shows that ‘protesters’ did not assassinate Ambassador Stevens and kill 3 Navy Seals.  The planned operation is beginning to appear that is is another CIA sanctioned and funded operation to allow the US to control Libya’s new regime ensuring that American corporations get Libya’s oil and water.



5 thoughts on “Evidence mounts that embassy attack in Libya was sanctioned by CIA

  1. Stupid. I do not beleive in thi oinspiratorial theories. What provoced tens of thausents demonstrators. CIA?! Never. Thats islamic fundamentalism.

  2. Why USA citizens are not attacking embassies of Meadle East? Why no vendeta? Different civilizations. Those are facts of todays life. Ask christians in islamic countries about their life. You have a chance to spend some time there. They may produce one thousand movies about Jesus but our reaction will not be the same. Conspiracies prevail in the Meadlr East.

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