Who would ban a cookbook?

Too many Americans live in the tiny bubble that is their wold.  They fill their life of existence with the filters that exist and forget the world is a much bigger place than the small area they inhabit on a daily basis.


Back in Idaho I’m staying with a couple in Twin Falls for a few days while I get some shots and stories about social (in)justice.


The first night I’m there, we’re sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee and chatting when the subject of our liberties come up.  I make a comment about how most Americans have gotten so afraid of their own shadows that they are willing to give up their right to freedom in exchange for perceived safety.


When asked by the wife for an example I told her about the Patriot Act and how, under that act, the books we borrow at the local library can be reported to the government.


The conversation went like this.


She:  “What books would they want to know about?”


Me:  “Pretty much anything by Noam Chomsky.  Some of Howard Zinn’s books and of course The Anarchist Cookbook.

She:  “Would would anyone care that you read a cookbook?”


Yep, too many Americans are just out of touch.


Too many Americans only get their news from the mainstream media (msm) these days.  The MSM pumps Americans full of fear making them look behind every corner for a terrorist.


Folks, it just ain’t so.  America is filled with many good, wonderful people.  Yes, you’ve got the crackpots out there and the world can be a dangerous place.  But it’s been my experience that you will find whatever it is you’re looking for.


Looking for justification to be afraid?  You’ll find it.  Looking for enjoyment and peace in life?  You’ll find it.



One thought on “Who would ban a cookbook?

  1. It is my understanding that the “Anarchist Cookbook” details how to make pipe bombs and so forth, so why would this nice lady from Idaho know anything about it?

    Paul Perrin

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