Homeless advocates continue to pound the table and yell

My ol’ man always told me that if I’m pissing people off, I must be doing something right.  Well, I’ve pissed off a whole slew of people who call themselves “advocates for the homeless”.

“If the law is against you, argue the facts.  If the facts are against you, argue the law.  If both the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell”.

Thus goes a dictum that is taught to every first year law student; seems like one or two of the local homeless advocacy groups have been following the attorney crib notes.

“Profiling” is a buzzword that has become in vogue wherever a certain ethnic or cultural group is found in quantity.  Advocates in Washington D.C. claim that blacks are profiled in the southeastern part of the city; supporters of illegal immigrants claim that Latino’s are profiled in Arizona.

Here in Asheville, people with limited knowledge of how the rest of the world functions claim that the homeless are being profiled; that begs a question.

Exactly how do you profile an economic status?  A few of the advocacy groups – along with their leaders who have NEVER been homeless – like to pound the table and yell and claim that APD is “profiling” an economic status.

If backed into a corner and challenged to prove their claim of “economic status” profiling, the advocates stammer and then mutter something unintelligible about long hair, beards and backpacks.  They don’t realize the irony of their statements as they are surrounded by people with long hair, beards and backpacks – this is ASHEVILLE dammit!  Even the tourists – for the most part – have long hair, beards and carry backpacks.

When pressed for hard figures about profiling and harassment, one of the self-appointed leaders loudly proclaims in the local paper – I’ve got TWO complaints against bicycle cops!

Wow!  Two!?  Yes two.  Multiply the number of bicycle cops (10) by the number of homeless according to the most recent Point-in-Time Census (550) and you have the ingredients for thousands of police/homeless interactions every month – many thousands a year.

And all they can produce is TWO complaints?

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