So you want to be a photographer, huh?

A portrait shoot, a wedding and a new fan; all before 9am.

My morning starts out with taking some shots of Marc.  He’s been my host for a couple days and is a helluva artist.  Wanting some shots he could use for his upcoming coffee table book, we head to Pack Square to get some photos.


While we were in Pack Square, I noticed a very small wedding going on. Being the shy, introverted type person that I am, I wandered over and started to take a few shots. Seems this couple was from the Czech Republic and had come to Asheville to get married and to honeymoon. After squeezing off a few pics, I handed them my business card and told them I’d be glad to give them the shots as a wedding present. By the way, they didn’t have a photographer there with a “real” camera, just someone with a point-and-shoot and the couple seemed pleased with my offer. Oh well, just trying to do my part for international relations.


I finish taking the couple’s photographs and turn my attention back to Marc when this guy walks up to me and asks for a cigarette, when I tell him I just lit the last one, he gets belligerent. So being the accomodating guy that I am, I figured maybe he’d like his photo taken instead of a smoke. So I grabbed this shot.


When the guy muttered something about smashing my camera, kicking my ass AND taking out a warrant for me, I tossed him my business card and told him, “Make sure you spell my name right. I could use the publicity.”

As we walked away the told me what he thought of me and my need for publicity and motioned that I was #1. Nice fellow, but I don’t believe he’s as stupid as he looks in that sideways turned baseball cap.

And all of this happened before 9am. I wonder what the rest of the day holds.

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