Drew Reisinger: Register of Deeds

I read an interesting article in the Citizen Times this morning, you might want to check it out.  Seems that the Buncombe Register of Deeds, Drew Reisinger has led the effort to digitize old bills-of-sale of humans by some of the country’s founding fathers.  Yep.  Patton, Vance and the rest bought and sold people just as easily as I might order a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

It was a interesting story, and it was one that gave me a chance to see a little more into Drew Reisinger’s world.  I’ve followed his career for a few years and he’s up for election again this coming November.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet – and get to know – many public servants on the local, state and national levels.  Unlike most of the public servants with whom I’ve crossed paths, Drew lives his values and they are a constant guide for the way he lives.  His quiet dignity and genuine kindness come across in all of his dealings with the public – either officially or unofficially.

What Drew has accomplished as register of deeds has been pretty impressive, but I’m not surprised.  I was able to do some work with (and for) Drew long before he even ran for the office.

I met Drew when he was Patsy Keever’s campaign manager for her current state-level office.  I would see Drew at all of the campaign events and invariably he would make his way over to chat with me a minute.  I was impressed.  I was doing some freelance work for the MountainXpress and here was a state senator’s campaign manager treating me like I was Bob Woodward from The Washington Post.

His energy and style is unique and he has shown the ability to lead and inspire while in office.

Drew deserves your vote this year for Register of Deeds.



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