5 Ways to help ME get YOUR story told

I get emails, texts and messages frequently from people who have a story they want told.  I understand that everyone has a story and – to them – it’s the most important story around.  But it’s NOT the ONLY story.


Unfortunately, I only have 24 hours in a day.  Unlike the rest of the world, my time is limited.  So I’ve put together some “tips” for helping you to get your story told – by me at least.  Most other photojournalists will appreciate it also if you follow these tips with them.


  1.  Sell me on the idea of your story.  Tell me why it needs to be told other than just “I think this would be a great story”.  Help me to justify the time it will take to tell your story as opposed to someone elses.
  2. Send me an email (jerry@journeyamerica.org) and tell me the six basics of the story.  Remember?  Who, what, when, where, why and how?  Giving me as many facts as possible will help me decide to do YOUR story.
  3. If the subject of the story is you, good.  But if it’s NOT you, then I’ll need an email from the subject of the story.  Don’t just tell me about someone else and then expect me to hunt them down and get permission.  They may NOT want their story told and you’ve just wasted my time.  NOT a good way to get me to consider a lead from you in the future.
  4. Have your facts together.  Don’t wait until I have boots on the ground to start collecting supporting facts and figures.
  5. If the story will take more than one day to put together, please make plans on giving me a spot to sleep and something to eat.  I shouldn’t have to spend MY money telling YOUR story.


That’s pretty much it.  If you follow these simple guidelines, then you won’t have a problem getting me to do your story – and you’ll find that others will also be glad to help you.


3 thoughts on “5 Ways to help ME get YOUR story told

  1. i’m forwarding this on to a non- profit group in harrisburg, pa- green urban initiative- they have a story- perhaps like many others, i don’t know, but, it may prove interesting for you……..you are a special, special guy, mr nelson, and, your work is mind-boggling!

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Please feel free to pass this blog and my website (www.JourneyAmerica.org) on to anyone you feel would benefit. Please be sure to stay in touch and again, thanks for the kind words!

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