The 1% has been around a long time; capitalist vultures did it to the Cherokee

Trail of Tears. Site of last encampment in Tennessee

Standing in the open field I looked around. The noise of the trucks on the highway across the river slowly dissolved into the morning fog.
At first the rumble of the road warriors was replaced by silence. Then as I looked around this spot that is holy to many Americans, the silence was replaced by horses neighing, babies crying, old women chanting and children playing.
Around me – in my minds eye – I could see the Indians slowly moving around to welcome a new day on the trail. They had been rousted from their homes and land and forced to relocate under President Jackson’s eviction.
The people – the men, women and children – were Cherokee from North Carolina, northern Georgia and Alabama and a few other nameless spots on the globe. Among them were scattered people from other tribes, but it was the Cherokee for whom The Trail of Tears would become famous.

Trail of Tears. Clarksville, TN

Their only crime? Living quietly and peaceably on lands where gold had been discovered.
The tragedy that had begun would never end. Cherokee in Tennessee today are not recognized by the state; capitalistic fools are still trying to profit from the traditions and a small band of Natives struggle to continue to educate, love and instruct people about the terrible injustices done to a race of red men all in the name of profit.
Even in the 1700s when The Trail of Tears happened, there was the greedy 1% taking advantage of the 99%.

The 15th Annual Native Cultural Circle Intertribal Pow Wow will be held October 13 and 14 in Clarksville, TN. For more information, contact Red Kirby @ 931-368-1246 or email him today:Send Mail

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