Please feed the Bear /Updated

UPDATE: The “Shooting the Bear” Project is almost done. I’ll be posting some low res images here in the next few days. I’d like to be able to get Bear some cold weather gear for him to have here in Washington. It’s getting cold. Please help out by hitting Paypal and putting a few coins into the tip jar.


In a few days I’ll be back in D.C.  Since leaving there in February ’12, there have been many people I’ve met, many places I’ve been and a few people I’ve thought about while on the road.

“Bear” is one of them.  His real name is Mark Parker, but everyone knows him by his street name, “Bear”.

Bear has lived in McPherson Square for several years.  He’s not homeless, he’s houseless.  I know that seems like just a word game, but it’s true and if you doubt it, you’ve never spent any time on the street.

That’s what I hope to change while I’m in D.C.

I plan on spending several weeks trailing Bear around the city as he goes about his daily routine.  I would like for you to be able to see what life is really like for someone that typically has concrete for a bed and stars for a canopy.

With all the talk and rhetoric coming out of the political parties these days, people like Bear are often forgotten about.  The harsh reminder is that no matter who is elected in November, Bear’s life won’t be any different the day after from the day before.

So my game plan is — as I mentioned — to follow Bear around.  Sleep in the streets with him; set on the curb and eat what the Creator makes available; most importantly, try to show you the world through his eyes.


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