Native Cultural Circle Powwow in Clarksville

Click here to see some shots of the Native Cultural Circle held October 13 and 14 in Port Royal, TN.

Saturday morning I crawled out of the tent.  As I looked around the fog covered grounds, I thought about all of the tents I’ve slept in — and crawled out of — this past 12 months.

As the fog slowly slipped back into the river from where it came, I lit a cigarette and poured a cup of coffee from the camp stove.

Ahead of me was the circle where in a few hours Indians from all over the country would gather.  There would be honor dances, prayer dances and good old fashioned ‘two-steppin’.

The vendors moved quietly in their stalls.  Rolling up the tent flaps that had kept the night chill out they were ready for the crowd to come.  And what a crowd it was.

Estimated at over 2,000 people many repeat participants said it was the largest crowd in the 15 year history of the powwow sponsored by the Native Cultural Circle of Clarksville, TN.

The dancers prepared their regalia, more vendors opened up and cars started streaming onto the grounds.

I reached back into my tent and grabbed the camera gear bag.  Hoisting it over my shoulder I stepped into the clearing between the cars, stopped and glanced back at the tent one more time and went to work.

There was a secret in that tent…and I’ll share the secret with you later.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the shots that I got at the powwow.


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