Seems like I’m always saying Good-bye

Washington City Paper

Washington City Paper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Washington DC

Washington DC (Photo credit: ktylerconk)

Native Cultural Circle Powwow — Clarksville, TN

My life seems to be full of good-byes. I’m always saying good-bye to a person or place.

In a few hours I toss the gear bag onto the back of the MegaBus in Nashville and hit the road again. This time back to Washington D.C.

I’ll be there for several weeks covering election day activity and submitting my stuff to the Washington Post as well as Washington City Paper and CNN.

I’ll get to see – and shoot – my buddy Bear, you’ve read about him in these pages before. I’ll also get to re-connect with some folks that have only been voices on the phone since February when I was last in the capital.

I’m going to miss Clarksville and all the great folks that I’ve gotten to know while in The Volunteer State. But I’ll be back.

In the meantime, keep following this adventure called life – I have a surprise in store for you over the next several days.

Can you guess what it is?

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