Then and Now: Brian

Brian — instigating at the police line — February 4, 2012

One of the “radicals” that I met early on during OccupyDC was Brian.  Sorry, but at the moment I can’t remember his last name.

While OccupyDC was littered with twenty-somethings that thought it was party time, Brian was one of the few who knew that the protest was very serious.

Brian was all over the park.  Leading protests and actions, welcoming new arrivals, attending planning meetings and the 1001 other things that needed to be done to make OccupyDC function.

Brian was also in jail with me in February when the U.S. Marshalls and Park Police picked us up.  Me for taking photographs and Brian for jumping across the police line — after being told not to.

Brian’s mom lives in Seattle and our game plan was to hitch hike across the country as a way to “debrief” from the rigors of being encamped in Washington D.C. for five months.

That plan never materialized.  Brian ended up taking a job with an environmental group here in the city and I headed towards West Virginia to shoot mountaintop removal.

Brian is taking part on the weekends at the veterans protest outside of the Veterans Administration.  I guess he was tired because when I came across him, he was sacked out in his sleeping bag on the sidewalk.

Brian today, sound asleep in his sleeping bag at the veterans protest.

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