Then and Now: Georgia


Georgia laying in the street just seconds after getting hit by a panicked driver.


OccupyDC protestors — some of whom were trained medical personnel — help stabilize Georgia while waiting on the ambulance

In November (2011) there was an OccupyDC action/protest at The Washington Convention Center which is located about six blocks from McPherson Square where OccupyDC had an encampment.

What started out as a relatively peaceful, but loud, protest quickly turned ugly when attendees at the meeting inside the convention center saw several hundred masked protestors blocking the doors to the venue.

I was standing on the edge of the protestors when behind me a heard a cars tires squeal and turned around just in time to see someone (one of the protestors) get hit by a car.

The car sped off and as people came running to assist the downed protestor, I kept shooting and among the shots I got are the ones you see here.

After checking email today at Starbucks — or as Red in Clarksville calls it, St Arbucks — I walked down to the veterans protest taking place outside of the Veterans Administration building.  Who was one of the first people that I saw?  Georgia — the lady that got hit by the car outside of The Convention Center.

Georgia is spending her time these days split between volunteer work at The Peace House — more about that another day — and volunteering to man the tent that has been set up across the street from The White House for almost 30 years.

Connie, the lady who normally mans the tent which protests nuclear war and genocide occasionally needs a break to go shopping, get a shower or do something else.  Volunteers from The Peace House man the tent when Connie is away.

These days Georgia volunteers at The Peace House and occasionally mans the protest tent across the street from The White House

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