Then and Now: Start Loving

“Start Loving” during OccupyDC

Dropping my duffel bag on the pavement I lit a cigarette and looked around.  Everything looked the same as it did when I left here in February after getting out of jail.

Rubbing the cigarette out with the toe of my hiking boot, I slung the gear bag over my shoulder, picked up the duffel and started walking towards some of the iconic scenes you see everyday on the news.

I had gotten half way between the Washington Monument and Capitol Hill when I heard a familiar voice shout out my name.  Turning around I saw it was my friend Start Loving.  No, that’s not his real name; that’s his street name.  I have no idea what his real name is.

After a back slapping hug and a few words, we headed towards the closest Starbucks.  We talked for a few hours bringing each other up to date on what all we had been doing since that cold, windy day in February when we said Adios.

Now it’s just “Loving”. He’s dropped the “Start” part of his name.

I met Start in McPherson Square in November 2011 at the height of the OccupyDC movement.  A millionaire who walked away from his millions to do a 24/7 protest, Start’s concerns are the environment.  He spends his days “camped out” in front of the Canadian Embassy telling people about the dangers of carbon, global warming and other issues confronting the planet.

These days he doesn’t go by “Start Loving”; he just goes by “Loving”.  So if you’re ever in D.C. and you see a guy with tats covering his face as he works on his laptop in front of the Canadian Embassy be sure to say hi to him and tell him “Jerry says hi” also.

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