Can I have your attention please? I have something to say

My bride and me

Well, I can finally tell the world.

I’m married.

Ale and I got married in a traditional Cherokee wedding at the Powwow in TN on October 13.

Why have I kept quiet?

Ale wanted the opportunity to tell her boss in person. Since she flew back on a Thursday and didn’t go back to work until today, she didn’t have the chance to talk to him until this evening. I honored her request.

Ale Nelson is a wonderful woman. Born, raised and still living in Argentina, she has about the sweetest spirit of any woman I’ve known and I am head over heels in love with her. You’ll meet her and you’ll love her too.

I sleep a little better; I appreciate the world a little more tonight all because she’s in my life and my heart.

I’m sitting at my favorite Washington D.C. Starbucks just reflecting on all that’s gone on in my life since I last sat in this seat in February about 3 days after getting out of jail.

Mountaintop removal, veterans fishing, buffalo stampede, Mexican Cartel and more. Much more. If you’re a follower of this blog — and my stats say that there are about 15,000 followers — you know what all I’ve been through.

In February I never thought I’d be sitting at this table telling you that I’m married.

But I am. And I’m happy.

6 thoughts on “Can I have your attention please? I have something to say

  1. what a sweet post…this speaks of your love for her and your marriage to each other! best wishes from asheville!

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