Then and Now: David

David Sachs, Chief Photographer SEIU, December 2011

I met David back in December when OccupyDC was still in it’s ascendancy. He’s the Chief Photographer for SEIU and he was looking for some shooters to help cover the “Take Back Congress” protest which was centered on the National Mall. I was lucky go get the gig; I was even more lucky to add David to my friends list in life.

David and I would chase the protestors up and down the streets even when the weather was freezing cold and the wind was blowing. One time we (David and I) were caught at the intersection of 16th and K Street with 3,000 protestors coming at us from one direction and mounted cops coming at us from the other.

In between shots, I glanced over at him, he smiled, shrugged and kept shooting. I was able to re-connect with David today. He patiently listened as I told him of some of my exploits since I last some him, then he smiled, nodded and asked if I’d like to do some gigs.

David’s a helluva guy and I would go through the Mexican cartel again just to make David happy.

David today. Gone is the bandanna and long hair, but he’s still a helluva guy!

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