Rare day to relax; Thanks Paul for making it happen

Historic Lexington Market in Baltimore

During my many travels and trips around the country I’ve been fortunate.  I’vc gotten the chance to hang out with clients who have become friends and have spent time with friends that became clients.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a nice break and I got to hang out with a friend who is a good friend.

Paul Perrin has been a very active supporter and cheerleader during the last 8 months as my adventure took me to Idaho, Colorado, Arizona and many other places.

USS Constitution “Old Ironsides”. Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

Yesterday Paul apparently saw how wore out I was from the streets in D.C. so he told me to pack up the camera gear and we were going to visit Anapolis and Baltimore.

No pressure, no demands.  Just a good relaxing day visiting sites, shooting some and having a running conversation with Paul that covered politics, the weather and many topics in between.

Exterior of Lexington Market

My life is richly blessed because of friends like Paul.

Buddy, I appreciate you!

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