Then and Now: James

James then

One of the first people I met when I got to OccupyDC in ’11 was James. James had just lost his job and his apartment and was angry at the world. When OccupyDC came along, it gave James a place to fit in and fit in he did.

He got arrested a couple times for crossing police lines (here he’s shown getting shoved into a paddy wagon for a trip to jail), and he was always there when some type action was going on.

James became a friend of mine.  Through many late night — and all night — conversations and mutual disgust with some of the partyers that were in McPherson, James and I got to know each other fairly well.

When things got too stressful on me on some of the gigs since February, James was the one I’d call.  When the Mexican Cartel in Arizona seemed like they were getting too close for my comfort, it was James back in D.C. that I gave a shout to.

Seemed he always had a word to try to cheer me up and reaching back into his own military training, he smile across the miles and tell me, “Hang in there Jerry.”

James and I hooked up again last night.  He’s working for a placement firm that helps veterans find work throughout D.C. and Maryland.

Again, he’s in his element in sales.  Making good money and helping veterans who need help is always a good combination and James brings it all to the table.

Like the old beer commercial said James, “I love you man!”

James now. No more jails and protests for him. He’s a corporate type — but we’re still friends.

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