Then and Now: Drew

I don’t know what to say about my buddy Drew.  In the early days of OccupyDC he was all over the park.  One week he’d be working in the security committee and the next week as a medic.

It seemed like he was everywhere and anywhere that he was needed.  OccupyDC had many people that were there for the free food, free gear and free sleeping bags.  The ones that were there to raise awareness and make things happen were few.

And Drew was one of the few.

Several times when Drew noticed I was exhausted from being in the streets 24/7 he’d toss me the keys to his apartment, smile and say, “Make yourself at home a few days.”

I never turned him down.  A fridge full of food, a clean and dry bed and badly needed piece  and quiet waited for me each time I turned the key in the lock at Drew’s place.

I never took him up on his offer though of spending a few days.  A shower, some sleep and some food and I was ready to hit the streets again early the next morning.

I’m going to miss Drew.

He committed suicide in July and I didn’t find out until yesterday.


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