Veterans maintain vigil despite hurricane

Veterans asleep outside The Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington DC

Did you ever notice that rain falling on the wet asphalt sounds a lot like bacon frying?


Neither did I till this morning.  I came to D.C. from Clarksville, TN to shoot events and activities around the Presidential election for a client.


So far I’ve had the Marine Corps Marathon and a hurricane named Sandy get in the way.


Today is Monday, October 29, 2012.  The weather outside Starbucks is cold, rainy and a little windy – and Sandy hasn’t even gotten here yet.


The rain started this morning about 2am.  I was asleep on the sidewalk with about 10 other veterans.  They’re doing a 24/7 vigil outside of the Veterans Administration to protest the benefit cutting that is being carried on right now.


At a time when benefits for the nation’s veterans should be increasing, service is being scaled back and existing programs going unfunded.


While eighteen vets a day are killing themselves, most of the public goes about their daily routine oblivious to the nightmares being lived by people who have put on the uniform.


If eighteen people were to die each day from drinking milk, you can bet your last dollar that milk would be outlawed, Obama would declare a state-of-emergency and congress would set up a Special Prosecutor to investigate.  But let it be veterans and people glance at their watch, yawn and turn on the latest mindless sitcom or post another meme on Facebook.


Meanwhile, veterans are sleeping on the sidewalk – still waiting on someone from The Veterans Administration to come downstairs and talk with them.


Me?  I’m going to crawl back into my bivy sack, dream about being with Ale and listen to the rain hitting the asphalt.


CLICK HERE to see more photographs from the 24/7 vigil going on now in Washington DC



4 thoughts on “Veterans maintain vigil despite hurricane

  1. Ale is my main concern Chuck. I think I’m about ready to hang up the “adventure” and settle down in a little town somewhere in TN after I find a small house or apartment for the two of us. Will still travel some, but will “dial the adventure” back some! Blessings!

  2. You are always welcome in Idaho, lots of stories ti tell and lots of sites to shoot. Did I tell you Dave Archuleta’s mother died

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