Veterans Administration still ignores veterans right outside their door

Three of the veterans keeping vigil outside of the Department of Veteran Affairs in Washington DC

As the sun came up this morning over Washington DC the rain which had begun around midnight continued to come in waves like a wind tossed surf.  The temperature dropped and anyone standing outside could feel the storm that has been called “Frankenstorm” bearing down on them.


As Hurricane Sandy was passing just a few miles off the coast veterans huddled in bivy sacks outside the door of the Department of Veterans Affairs on Vermont Avenue in the District of Columbia.


Their request to speak to someone inside the agency building was ignored by the paper pushers hibernating in their corral of cubicles.  Meanwhile, the veterans decided to wait on the sidewalk until someone came down to speak with them.


So far no one from the Veterans Administration paper tower has taken the time to address the veterans or the issues that need to be raised.


Typical of bureaucrats everywhere, they sat in their stuffy cubicles and pushed paper from office to office while across America 18 veterans a day commit suicide and veterans sat outside through Hurricane Sandy trying to get some answers.



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