I’m dialing the adventure down a notch

Yep.  You read that right.  I’m dialing down the adventure.  Not quitting it mind you, just dialing it down a notch.

I’ve got a couple weeks left on this Washington D.C. gig and once the elections are over my work here will pretty much be done.

Sometime in November I get onboard the jet plane and touch down 24 hours later in Buenos Aires – I’m going to spend some time with my wife.

The past few years have been good.  I’ve had more excitement and adventure than most people have had in a lifetime.

Indians in Idaho, Mexican Drug Cartel in Arizona and I can’t forget those three days in the Rockies.  The cities I’ve carried the gear bag through slides off the tongue like an “Idiot’s Guide to Travel”: Boise, Malibu, Tempe, Laramie, Denver, Hannibal and the list goes on.

When Ale and I get back to the states I’m going to find a gig somewhere shooting ribbon cuttings for the Chamber of Commerce and birthday parties at the local senior citizens home.  Yah, it doesn’t sound as exciting as kayaking down the Snake River or running with the protesters in New York, but it’s time to slow things down some and relax.

Not to worry though.  I’m not quitting traveling and the adventure; I’ll just be keeping in mind that now I have someone to come home to.

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