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There is a junk yard in Maggie Valley that I’ve been wanting to visit.  Not looking for anything in particular to purchase, just a walk about, and adventure to see what there is to see.  It may be a photographer’s playground, depending on your likes and interests.  I like old things.  Discarded things. Flea markets, antiques dealers, cemeteries, and junk yards.

So, after 8 years (who’s a procrastinator?) on a heavily clouded afternoon, I took a ride over to the yard, in anticipation of a world of wonder.

I’d always thought these vehicles, seen from a distance while driving by, were Rolls Royce.  What I discovered is, they are Jaguars.

The sun came out, ill affording me the light I prefer for taking photos, and it was uncomfortably hot and humid.  The attendant informed me that the owner was out of town until Tuesday, and allowed me to only take…

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