OccupyDC wrecks Veterans Vigil

Immature participants of OccupyDC are on the edge of destroying the Veterans Vigil which has been held outside The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) in Washington DC since October 4, 2012.


The Occupiers which descended on the veteran’s vigil have already started to create problems.  The largest number of law enforcement officers appeared at the DVA Monday in response to the Occupiers.


Approximately 40-50 occupiers returned to 810 Vermont Avenue following a farcical action at American University.  Undisciplined and without a plan, the occupiers experienced attrition throughout the march until only about 20 individuals continued on to the capitol later in the day.


Showing contempt for the veterans who are maintaining a vigil outside of the DVA, occupy even has announced on its website, InterOccupy.net, that space is available on the sidewalk with the vigil.





2 thoughts on “OccupyDC wrecks Veterans Vigil

  1. It isn’t OccupyDC, or even people that are really even Occupy members. It’s the rif raf that hangs on and tries to mooch, and hide inside Occupy, and use the resources and charity of a social movement to support their shit.

  2. Valid point Brian and you’re 100% correct. It’s what I call “gutter punks” that are bringing down the Occupy movement throughout the country.

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