Violence erupts in America over corruption in government, media and corporations

I predict the outbreak of violent revolution in American.  I believe it will happen within six months.

I’m not advocating violence; I hate to see violence happen.  I think American politicians – at all levels – have pushed U.S. citizens into a corner and a small piece of the American public is angry and won’t take it anymore.

That “small piece” is like the spark of a match to a can of gasoline.  It doesn’t take much of a spark to trigger a major explosion.

The violence I predict will not be ignited by an organized effort such as the Black Bloc; the Black Bloc has lost the ability to fly under the radar of American law enforcement agencies.

The black bloc is a protester tactic where individuals wear black clothing including black scarves, ski masks, motorcycle helmets and other identity concealing items.  The clothing is selected deliberately to hide marchers’ identifies and allow them to appear as one unified mass, and promote solidarity.

The tactic was first developed following use of police force during the 1977 Brokdorf demonstration.  In 1980, when police action was aimed at anti-nuclear activists and squatters when German law enforcement evicted the Free Republic of Wendland.

This attack on 5,000 peaceful protesters inflamed many former pacifists to become willing to use violent methods.

We are following the same path here in America.

As I’ve traveled across the country and talked with activists involved with all issues, I see a growing discontent.

Politicians all over the country and at all levels – from the local City Council to the halls of Congress and The White House catering to corporations.  Forgotten in this churning of money are the families and individuals struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head.

Activists are starting to realize that “street theatre” as a protest tactic is weak and meaningless.  While war is being waged, people carrying signs and puppets are not bringing the power structure to its knees.

People chanting slogans outside of The White House are beginning to see that the President and his advisors are not cowering in The East Room fearful of a mob with cardboard.

One day soon – within six months I predict – someone will throw a brick, slap a cop or blowup a fracking well and it will be game on.

The images were all shot by Jerry Nelson and are part of a larger selection of photos from OccupyDC.  The rest of the collection can be seen by clicking here.

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