Is this the face of a terrorist??

Does this LOOK like a terrorist?

This morning as soon as I get off the metro (Green Line coming into D.C. from the southeast), my cell rings. It’s a Washington number, but I don’t recognize it. Being the curious type, I answer it.

It’s the Washington D.C. branch of the U.S. Government Travel/Passport section.

Seems they had a problem with the photo that I turned in to get my passport for my upcoming trip.

While I don’t have the identical photo scanned and loaded on the computer to show you, the one that is here comes pretty close.

I had on the same cammie jacket, beard and long hair.  I was tactful enough NOT to have the cigarette in the photo.

Seems the bureaucrats at the office thought I must look too much like a terrorist.

What do YOU think?

6 thoughts on “Is this the face of a terrorist??

  1. Well I know you Jerry but the ones looking at the photo do not. You do not look like a terrorist to me in the photo but you have to play by the rules sometimes. Happy belated thanksgiving and thank you for the dedication to all the great causes you take on. Most of all thank you for just being “Jerry”

  2. If the requirements are the same as passport photos:

    Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
    Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera.

    Smoking is probably not optional. Just sayin…

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