Letters to Homer: The Buenos Aires Bus System

Dear Homer:

I was thinking about your trip on Greyhound last year.  You know the one you took from Bent Fork to St Louis to go to Aunt Bessie’s funeral.  I wonder how you would survive a bus trip within the city here in Buenos Aires.

If you ever decide to come visit Ale and me, make sure you take the time first to learn the bus system.  It will save you a lot of money and will keep you from getting lost several times like I have.

I know that you had a challenge learning to conjugate verbs in Ms. Landis’ English class, but even you could learn the bus system – or collective – here.

There is no central bus system like there is there in Bent Fork.  Here it is a system of collective, independent lines.  If you like, you can order some published guides that can help you make sense of the city.

The most popular guide here Homer is the Guia “T”.  Quit laughing at my quote marks, they are a part of the title and no, I don’t know what the “T” stands for either.

The guide I’ve found to be the best is the Filcar Guide.  It’s kind of printed sideways on the paper, but if you can get used to turning your head to the side when you read it, it’s usable.

Each guide contains three sections Homer.  The first is a map of the city with a listing of the streets and which addresses are in which sections of the map.

The next part is the larger map itself; spread over about 30 pages, you can see which bus goes through which square on the map.

The last section is the listing of the bus routes and which streets they follow.

See?  Now wasn’t that easy?

When you get here Homer, you’ll find that the most a bus trip will cost you anywhere in the city is $2.00.  That figure is of today and it’s subject to change, so consider yourself warned buddy.

You have to use change on most of the bus lines and change is in high demand and short supply.  What I’ve learned to do is to lie to store clerks about having the change in my pocket; I give them a bill and keep the centavos and pesos squirreled safely away.

Well, Homer, that’s about it for today.  I hope I haven’t confused you too much about this.  Maybe someday I’ll write you about the subway system – that’s a whole new story!

Your buddy, lost somewhere in the Barrios of Buenos Aires
Jerry Nelson

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