Major protest sweeping Argentina December 19; looking for editors who want to see the photos

Travel Alert: Labor unions plan to hold demonstrations across Argentina Dec. 19. Traffic disruptions likely in Buenos Aires. Avoid all rallies

This alert began 06 Dec 2012 09:24 GMT and is scheduled to expire 20 Dec 2012 23:59 GMT.

Event: Nationwide labor demonstrations
Date: Dec. 19
Locations: Major cities, particularly Buenos Aires
Impact: Traffic disruptions; possible commercial disruptions
The General Confederation of Workers (CGT), Blue and White General Confederation of Workers (CGT Blue and White), Central Argentine Workers (CTA), and Agrarian Federation will hold demonstrations across Argentina on Dec. 19. In Buenos Aires, union organizers plan to march to Plaza de Mayo at the intersection of Avenida de Mayo and Bolivar Street, where they will hold arally in front of the Presidential Palace at approximately 1700. Protesters mayalso gather at Plaza Colon, which is directly behind the palace.

Rallies in other cities are unlikely to cause significant disruptions. Union members could strike or not show up to work on the day of the demonstration, interrupting some services. If truck drivers participate in the activities, some freight service disruptions may result. Violence is unlikely, but low-level clashes between protesters and police are possible. Expect trafficdisruptions near protests.

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