You gotta have a dream

The thing I like most about the work I do is the people I meet.  Old, young, men, women, boy, girl, black, white and red; I’ve met them all and I’ve learned two things.

#1  Everyone has a story

#2  Everyone wants someone to listen to their story.

The stories I’ve heard and the people I’ve met have been fascinating.  One lady stands out though.

Her name is Kat Dehring.  Kat and I first met back in Asheville, NC.  Standing around the sidewalk watching a mutual friend and magician, Mick Stone, perform, Kat and I got to know each other.

Kat also likes to hear and collect stories and she has a dream to travel the country collecting stories from old and young, men, women, black, white and red.  Here’s what Kat says about her dream.

“I have the plans to make the wagon on a highway safe trailer, I have the crew to build it and I really want to do this. The wagon will be a draw ( who could resist a tinkers wagon?) and I will use it for collection folk tales and stories to publish. I want to use it as a platform to use for schools , festivals and any venue to tell regional stories and folktales that are a part of our heritage.  I want to  write about a year in a Tinkers wagon , and  collected  stories I will get. I have taken classes at AB-Tech Community College with a master story teller and I want to debut this project at the National Story Tellers Festival in Jonesborough, TN .”

Take a look at Kat’s dream and help her get her butt on the road by clicking here.

English: City Hall in Asheville, NC as seen fr...

English: City Hall in Asheville, NC as seen from Broadway and Patton Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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