Argentine bankers to attack if salary contract not reached

Argentine bankers protest for higher wages

Argentine bankers protest for higher wages






Buenos Aires, Argentina — The Financial institution Organization (AB main bank employees union) said today that it would bring out attack activity in all community and personal financial institutions in the nation if the union’s salary requirements were not achieved.

Spokesperson for the AB partnership, Eduardo Berrozpe, confidently said today that “tomorrow there will a strike” if the bank did not up their salary and follow the demands from last Saturday’s meeting.

“There are some five or six amount factors losing from what the lender compartments provided,” Berrozpe said.

According to reviews, the partnership requires a 35 % salary improvement, in range with the lowest salary ground decided last season.

Representatives of the partnership and the four client bank compartments (ADE-BA, ABAPRA, ABA y ABE) met on Thursday this weeks time to shift toward an contract, however since no agreement was achieved it has now been said that the Labor Ministry will have to get involved in the problem.

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