Letters to Homer: Walking to America

Hey Homer!  How are you and the missus doing?

I hope you had a great Christmas and even though it wasn’t a white Christmas in Bent Fork, I know it was colder there than it was here.  Christmas in Argentina came in at about 43 degrees C.  Not sure, but I think that’s about mid 80s in American.

But other than the hot weather it was neat to be around a bunch of people like the Argentine’s who are not the typical conspicuous consumer that you find in America.  The Christmas “shopping season” here consists of about four hours on the Friday before Christmas, so it was refreshing to find so many people enjoying time with family and friends.

Well, the adventure here in Argentina seems to be over, so I’m heading towards America.  I figure at 20 miles a day it should take me, oh, maybe four years to get back to Bent Fork.

So this little blog that was supposed to be about Argentina and what I found here might end up being about a long journey back to the states…or not.  I just don’t know yet but in the meantime, keep the lights on for me, OK?

Love ya buddy and tell the Missus I said hi.  Until then, I remain lost somewhere in the barrios of Buenos Aires

Your friend


Oh yah, Homer.  if you’d like to put a couple dollars in the tip jar just click right here.  And thanks!

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