Argentine police cannot protect tourists

Virtual Tourism, Reality and its Wrapping

Virtual Tourism, Reality and its Wrapping (Photo credit: timtak)

Argentina’s law enforcement powerless to protect tourists




Recent data from the National Commission for Victims of Public Transport (CNVTP) reveal a rate of crime against tourists that has risen steadily over the past twelve months.




As reported in last weeks Dario Popular, an armed and potentially deadly robbery happened the in the province of Buenos Aires in the tourist town of Florencio Varela.




Unlike other robberies which have occurred with increasing frequency in Buenos Aires, this one occurred on one of the several buses serving tourists between the capital city and Villa Gesell a popular seaside resort.


Passengers told authorities that there were four robbers, one of which had boarded the bus upon departure in Buenos Aires.


Slowed by the poor condition of the roads, three other robbers boarded the bus and proceeded to rob the tourists of valuables including money, electronics and jewelry.


The latest attack against long distance buses brings to 112 the total of armed robberies on tourist buses since 2010 and an increase of 250% since 2009 according to the Dario Popular.


A spokesman for the CNVTP who spoke only on conditions of anonymity said, “…poor preventive police in the southern suburbs…” combined with a failing economy throughout the country, “…is explosive.”





3 thoughts on “Argentine police cannot protect tourists

  1. While I’ve run into a few Argentines who appear as though they are afraid of their own shadow, most here in Argentina just take it for what it is. Use everyday common sense as you would in any other big city in the world and you’ll be fine. The police here though are NOT trusted by the natives and you probably won’t get any sympathy/help from the “policia” if you do run into problems.

  2. The majority of the tourists on those buses that are robbed are Argentine tourists. This happens almost every summer, because it is popular to go to those southern beaches. So, robbers take advantage of all the travelers going on holiday. It’s unfortunate, but doesn’t happen all the time on every bus. I think Jerry is right about using common sense and just taking extra precautions.

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