Letters to Homer: Safety in Argentina, Pt II

Hey Homer

It’s me again.  I guess by now you’re totally scared to come visit Ale and me here in Buenos Aires.  Well, don’t be.  If you use some common sense and keep your mouth shut, you should do just fine.

After I fired off my last letter to you, I did get to thinkin about one thing I should warn you about.  Kidnappings.

Yes, they happen here in Buenos Aires and elsewhere in Argentina.  No, the kidnappers aren’t pickin you out because you look like a celebrity Homer.  The kidnappings are just short-term, opportunistic abductions.  The kidnappers aren’t looking to get wealthy off of your dumb ass.  They just want to pick up a little cash at your expense.  These type of kidnappings are called “express kidnapping”.

Victims of express kidnapping are usually selected at random from the crowd and held while the thugs empty bank accounts with stolen cash cards.  Once the ‘ransom’ is paid, the victim is usually quickly released.  It’s common for thefts to happen when someone is withdrawing cash at an ATM and not paying attention.

One other thing to keep in mind Homer is that if you’re going to travel by taxi, book it in advance if that’s possible.  If you can’t make advance arrangements, then only hail a ‘radio taxi’ on the streets.  There’s one easy way to tell a radio taxi from the gypsy cabs that are roaming around the city.  The radio taxis have a clearly visible company logo on the rear passenger door.

OK, Homer, that’s it for now.  I’m getting ready to grab a bite to eat with Ale so you and the Missus have a great evening.

As always, I am your friend…

Wandering somewhere in the Barrios of Buenos Aires
Jerry Nelson

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