Koinonia has plenty of nuts that run the place

Gandhi said one time, “I like your Christ, I don’t like your Christians.  They are so unlike your Christ.”  I like that quote.  Ironically, the first time I recall reading it was on the dining room wall at an intentional “Christiancommunity in Georgia called Koinonia.

Anyone that has had the opportunity to visit Koinonia for more than a few days comes away with a bad taste in their mouth.

A group of about 30 people “led” by two immature, controlling individuals makes Koinonia appear more as a cult than as a christian (and yes, it’s a lower case ‘c’ deliberately) community.

Since my visit there several years ago, I’ve gotten – and still get numerous emails from people who can’t believe that such a sick community is allowed to function in today’s society.

Anyone that doesn’t toe the ‘company line’ in substance as well as style is shown the door.  Interns and visitors are treated as slave labor and the pretext that everything belongs to the community goes out of the window when this immature, controlling couple (yes they’re married to each other) step in.

Do yourself a favor and just stop by to buy the pecans and take a stroll through the farm and then get the hell out before you are subjected to the hypocritical words, stares, hugs and handshakes being foisted on an unsuspecting public.


2 thoughts on “Koinonia has plenty of nuts that run the place

  1. I know of several, but it all depends on where/when you want to go. An excellent online resource is http://www.ic.org But keep in mind that the postings are from the communities themselves and NOT from a disinterested third party, so some of the posts look more like marketing…which I guess they are.

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