My bride Ale, Oprah and Me

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One and a half month in Argentina and I have a book coming out.  Yah, I’m kind of stoked about that.

The book is a joint effort between myself and Beatrice Murch, Photographic Editor of The Argentina Independent.

On January 12, 2013, the Buenos Aires government shut down the historic “Linea A” for repairs and renovations.

Some of the renovations include replacing subway cars that have been in use since 1913.  They’re wooden (interior) and are the oldest subway cars still in use in the world.  There will never be subway cars like these again and there will never be another book like this one.

The book is expected to be widely available throughout Argentina.  Already we’ve had tentative agreements from Kiosks in the subway to carry the book as well as some boutique hotels and the transportation museum.

Sr Horacio González (director of the National Library) has expressed a willingness to write a prologue to the book and many newspapers here are picking up the story.

I’ve written a dedication to my bride Ale Nelson for putting up with my staying away from home so much in order to make this book happen.  She allows me to follow my passion and I love her for it.

Who knows, I might be on Oprah one day; I’ll take some of the profits of the book and get Ale a new dress for the show.  She deserves it.

You can read the article in the Independent the article by clicking here.

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