Buenos Aires fencing off public plazas

Mauricio Macri, Mayor of Buenos Aires recently demanded that Parque Centenario be fenced in to keep vagrants, drug addicts and prostitutes from visitng the park after dark.  His decision, unilaterally reached, has torn the fabric of the once quiet community that surrounds the park.

While many applaud Macri’s decision, others see it as just another move by this controversial mayor to slowly take away peoples rights.  The park, long used by activists as a center in which to gather and exercise free speech was the scene of explosive violence a week ago which ended with one arrest and a photojournalist being shot in the stomach by a rubber bullet.

Being curious about all this, I wandered over today after the editorial meeting at The Argentina Independent.  Metropolitan police officers guarded the park’s only entrance and wasn’t allowing anyone in.

That didn’t stop me from trying.  Getting stopped by the police has become common place for me and this time as before, I wasn’t successful.

Unable to get photos inside the park on the ground, I spotted a six story building right next to the park.  Eyeing the roof, I knew that if I could get up there I could get some shots that might be salable. So off I went.

The shots you see with this entry are the result of not giving up on getting the photographs along with some ingenuity on finding other vantage points from which to shoot.

CLICK HERE to see how the shots ended up being used by The Argentina Independent.

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