Guest Photographer: Ale Gianetti Nelson


Ale Gianetti was taking photographs long before I met her. She’s a natural beauty with a natural eye for the camera.

She sometimes takes a photograph and enhances it’s beauty by carefully selecting prose to go with it.

Many times when I traveled alone while still in America, I looked forward to seeing her Facebook wall each day to see what was her latest creation.

They never failed to move me and inspire me as I’m sure they will move and inspire you.

These days Ale is known as Ale Gianetti Nelson and we’re making our home now in Buenos Aires.

Te amo mucho Ale!

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist from America. Recognized throughout the states for his skill with a camera, he is currently based in Argentina where he focuses on social justice issue in the second largest country on the continent. To submit your photos and/or stories for this blog, please contact Jerry at:

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