Victoria Gardener: Guest Photographer


A few days ago I put out a call on Facebook for travel photographs and blogs to post on JourneyAmericas. One of the first folks to step up to the plate was Victoria Gardner. I’m pleased to present Victoria’s work here for you to see.

I asked her to give me a few words on what she chose and why she chose them. Here’s what she said:

I’m pretty sure I know how entertainers feel, when being nominated for an Emmy, or Oscar award. I might even go so far as to say, I know how they feel when receiving one of those awards.

Jerry Nelson. He is that still, small, photographer voice in my head. “So, you think you’re a photographer, huh?” “Photoshop?!!!, Forget about Photoshop dammit! Learn how to use your camera. Learn the settings, pay attention to the natural light, and for God’s sake, FOCUS!!!”

So, when I saw the invitation on his Facebook page to share photos, my mind went kinda wild. In an instant I went from enthusiastic to fear of failure. But I thought, hey! this is a great opportunity and if my photos don’t make the cut, at least I could say that I got off my ass, and tried.

Mr. Nelson asked why I chose the photos, which he is most graciously sharing with his readership, and I shall tell you all, why. Briefly.

I’ve only traveled to a few different places within the borders of America, in my 50 years, but I have the heart and soul of a Gypsy. I’ve nearly died on two separate occasions, which profoundly altered the way in which I view our world, and the world around me. And it’s all worthy of capturing, and sharing. I was instantly hooked on photography the very first time I looked at an Ansel Adams photo, but never in a million years would consider myself a “photographer”, or artist. I am pretty comfortable with the French version of the word, amateur, however.

My photo choices: Two of the photos included here, have no post production editing. Not even an exposure ‘adjustment’. The others only have minor primping, to bring out a quality that I preferred. Mainly, I was choosing photos that were least adjusted, if at all. The other reason why I chose these, is because they are most recent. Those being the beach, and hotel photos. The little girl is my daughter, and partner in crimes of passion. There is a depth to these which I cannot sufficiently explain, but I hope you like them.

Church: The Palmer Chapel: Cataloochee, NC
Snowy Path: Leicester, NC
Snowy Trees: Waynesville, NC
The other four; hotel room, girl at beach, seagulls, and the eternity black and white: Hilton Head, SC.

Great big thanks, Jerry Nelson. You and your work continue to inspire me.
Infinite Blessings,

Thanks Victoria for sharing your work! You’ve got some great shots there and if you’ll let me know where you’re posting that work, I’d love to exchange links with you.

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist from America. Recognized throughout the states for his skill with a camera, he is currently based in Argentina where he focuses on social justice issue in the second largest country on the continent. To submit your photos and/or stories for this blog, please contact Jerry at:

5 thoughts on “Victoria Gardener: Guest Photographer

  1. Thanks Jerry. This means a whole bunch to me. Because you’ve been one, on my list of heroes, for the work that you do. Bringing the real news, happenings, and American life, to the forefront.

    Much Love to You and Ale. Gianetti? Is that Italian? Good man!

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