How I single-handedly kicked Argentine ass

There was seven of them and one of me.  I could smell the evil as they encircled me.  Three with knives, three with a pistol and one with just bare knuckles.


Turning into part Steven Segall and part Bruce Willis with a little Bruce Lee thrown in, I held them off as good as I could.  It was a terrible struggle.  I almost won.  Two of the three left standing helped their buddies to their feet.  The third picked up my gear bag filled with camera and lenses and strolled off.

Well, it could have happened that way, but it didn`t.

Instead, the truth went more like this.

I was in Plaza Barrancas to get some shots of the preparation for the set up of the Chinese New Year celebration.  It was 2 oclock in the morning and I was tired…dead tired.

While I watched the workmen put up the early parts of the stage for the show later that afternoon, I fell asleep on the grassy hillside.  My gear bag was beside me.  No one could touch it — or so I thought.

Despite having attached the gear bag to my belt loop with the camera strap, someone was able to unfasten the clip while I slept.  They picked up the gear bag and disappeared back into the murky shadows.

I have no idea how much longer I slept, but when I woke I knew immediately that my gear bag was gone.

That`s how it really happened.  No fight, no knives, no guns.  Ale said later that it might have been a good thing that I was asleep.  Had I been awake, the mental midgets that stole my gear might have pulled a gun and worse things than losing the gear could have happened.

I think she was right.





9 thoughts on “How I single-handedly kicked Argentine ass

  1. Jerry, I can’t tell you how bad this sucks. Of course, Ale IS right. And, I’m still waiting to hear about the return of your equipment, or, new stuff. Do they have pawn shops there? Or flea markets? I wonder if your stuff will end-up there.

  2. Pawnshops. No, no pawnshops. They are unheard of here in Argentina. Flea markets. Yes. All over the place. That`s the problem. There are too many of them, so there`s no way of knowing where to start looking. The cops here aren`t any help either. All they can or will do is to take down the information and file it away along with the remnants of other dead trees in folders and cabinets. Miracles do happen but I am not holding my breath. Thanks for the thoughts and warm energy you are sending my way. Blessings.

  3. Similar thing hapeened to me in London. I had been at a protest all day long with no problems at all. I was sat inthe bus station to come back home. My bag was touching my leg as I tend to be a bit paranoid about security. Somebody touched my shoulder, I turned round and somebody was offering me a pack of tissues!!!!, no thanks I said, turned back round and bag had gone. Nobody saw a thing and I didnt feel it going. Police report but not really interested. Nearly £5k of kit gone and like yours probably sold for £50.

    I was also told probably better that I didnt know it was happening, better not to get into a fight.

    Like I was told, at least you are safe, equipment can be replaced.
    You can not.
    Good luck with any claims etc and stay safe.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story. It is sad to hear that people such as yourself that work to bring a little joy and cheer into lives through photography are ripped off. Maybe we could form some type of photographers vigilante group. Blessings on you!

  5. Likewise Jerry, there is no justice. What frustrates me is that you have no chance to speak to them face to face and explain how hard you have to work to get your gear and you are not some filthy rich celeb. Although I am sure they wouldnt care to be honest.
    Stay Safe

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