I saw Jesus today

I saw Jesus today.  Let me explain.

I have been under a great deal of stress the past few months.  Uprooting from America and moving to Argentina to be with my bride, not being able to understand the language and trying to find work as a freelancer in a foreign country have all added to the stress.

The icing on the cake was Saturday morning when my camera gear was stolen along with my laptop and passport.

Ale could tell that I had just about reached the end of my rope.  She came to my rescue like she has so many times before.

Getting on the phone, she called her cousin, Lewis, to see if we could spend a day or so with him and more of her family in Florencio Varela province south of Buenos Aires.

Lewis, a retired Catholic priest, graciously opened his home to us.  Lewis, while not having to put up with the day to day demands of running a parish does manage a spiritual retreat center that is out in the country at the end of the dirt road.

A huge pond, fruit trees, ducks, dogs, cats and a vegetable garden are included on the 9 acres where I am free to roam and wander and let some of the stress of the past several months slide off of me as though my skin were made of teflon.

Besides what reminded me of the remnants of the Garden of Eden were geese.  And this is where I saw Jesus.

Ale and I took a walk around the grounds.  Looking at the garden, we noticed four geese close by.  I am learning Ale`s thick Spanish accent slowly but sometimes I get tripped up.

Spanish speakers pronounce their g like we do our j.  So my gear bag that was stolen with all the equipment is a jear bag.

And more than one goose is not geese.  It`s not even geeses.

It`s jesus.  Play around with the word some and you will see what I mean.

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