The Q, A and LA of getting my gear replaced


Since my gear bag was stolen Saturday with all my equipment, I´ve gotten lots of emails from friends and fans.  Many of the questions are asked again and again.  I´ve taken a few of the most commonly asked questions and answered them here.  So, read the (Q)uestion.  See the (A)nswer and then there is a (LA) Long answer that follows.

Q. Don´t you make plenty of money?

A. Nope.
LA. I charge very little for my work when I work for a social justice issue or a non-profit who is working on behalf of a social justice issue.  I don´t do what I do for the money; I do what I do in hopes of making some small positive change in our world.

Q.  Don´t you have insurance on your equipment?
A.  Nope.
LA. Insurance on my gear is very expensive because of the type shooting I do I don´t have a nice air conditioned studio where I shoot.  I don´t have the luxury of always having ideal conditions in which to store my gear in between gigs.  In short, I´m not a candy-ass-yuppie photographer.  My gear has gone with me on mountain climbing, rafting down the Colorado River and in the desert with the vigilantes and Mexican drug cartels.  The cost of insurance on my gear is more expensive that the gear itself because of the type work I do.

Q.  If I want to help, what can I do?
A.  Donate.
LA. Replacing the gear is very expensive.  Over $2000.  A few bucks in the tip jar on my Paypal account would be great.  A friend in Washington is standing by until the money is collected, then he is going to buy the gear and make arrangements to get it to me.  You can throw a few bucks my way by clicking here.

Q.  I have a DSLR that I´m not using.  Can´t I just send it to you?
A.  Nope.
LA. Sending electronics into Argentina is very expensive — for the recipient.  The package first goes to customs and I´m notified that it is there.  I travel to customs and have to be prepared to pay 50% of the stated value before they will let me pick it up.  This assumes it even makes it to me.  The Argentine customs people are notoriously corrupt and sending electronics into the country is like throwing it in the trash.



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